Headphones recommendation from the description: “The version of the ‘One&Only’ distributed online has been mixed in 3-D to stimulate stereognostic perception of the listeners when listened on either earphones or headphones.”

Artist: Go Won of LOONA
Song: One&Only
Darren Smith, Tammy

Note: Go Won is the 11th member of LOONA. Only one more to come!

  1. HeeJin – ViViD
  2. HyunJin – Around You
  3. HaSeul – Let Me In
  4. YeoJin – Kiss Later
  5. ViVi – Everyday I Love You
  6. Kim Lip – Eclipse
  7. JinSoul – Singing in the Rain
  8. Choerry – Love Cherry Motion
  9. Yves – new
  10. Chuu – Heart Attack
  11. Go Won – One&Only
  12. Coming soon…