Photosensitivity warning for flashy lights from 1:43 to 2:15.

Artist: BTS
Remixed by Steve Aoki
Song: MIC Drop
Previous: DNA
Producer teams: Pdogg, Supreme Boi, Bang Shihyuk, J-Hope, RM,
Desiigner, Tayla Parx, Flowsik, Shae Jacobs
BigHit Ent.

Note: Trending #1 on Youtube at the time of posting. #1 on U.S. iTunes and 50+ countries.
There are four versions of this track.

(1) The original on the album ‘Love Yourself: Her’. (live performance)
(2) This version, remixed by Steve Aoki, with more English lyrics.
(3) This same track plus a feature with Desiigner is playing on radio internationally. (link)
(4) And finally a Japanese version. (short version PV)